Attention to the Void

In this post I would like to show you a few exercises I did using only the void spaces technique. I drew a lot of these type of exercises but sadly I didn't take pictures of all the objects we were drawing so in many of them there's nothing to compare to. Anyways, on each... Continue Reading →


The Void where there’s no Void

Once we "mastered" the contouring technique (mmm... we wish! right? hahaha) we went to the next basic skill: drawing the void spaces. This was certainly another revelation. Our teacher explained to us that one good way to trick the brain is to draw the shapes that appeared between the objects we were trying to draw.... Continue Reading →

The Basic Skills

Before moving any forward, I would like to talk a bit about Betty Edwards's work. This wonderful lady created a method where, step by step, you are prompt to learn each of the basic component skills to properly draw what you see. I want to talk about these basic components because these are the steps... Continue Reading →

Contouring Around

After this, we had our first real life drawing exercise. The teacher placed a very basic theme but challenging enough to keep the group very focused and busy. We had 10 minutes to draw what we saw as accurate as possible. I'll show you a set of pictures that shows a comparison between the theme... Continue Reading →

Easels and Charcoals

The following class made me feel I was actually in art class. That moment when you realize that what you once fantasized it's actually happening. It was the first time in my life I was going to use a board, a large piece of paper, charcoal and even better... an easel! For those who have never... Continue Reading →

The Art of Teaching Art

  Did you know that in order to effectively draw, we need to use the right side of our brains? And you can actually learn how to detect when you are using your right side! Well, call me naïve but I didn't know a thing... shocking! We did a few exercises to understand this, which... Continue Reading →

My First Class

My first drawing class started quite intense... with an evaluation. A dreaded evaluation, if I might add! We started with drawing our own hand for only 10 minutes, which of course felt like 10 seconds. This one was ok for me but I have to be honest: due to my previous excitement of starting drawing... Continue Reading →

The Place

I wanted to start this blog by showing where most of the magic happens. This is my art classroom, where I did my first year of drawing classes. The classroom is great: really spacious, amazing natural light and fully equipped: tables, easels, boards, chairs, stools, platforms and everything you can think of. What a great... Continue Reading →

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