About Me

Hey! I’m Fito and I always wanted to draw. Like many of you (I assume) I never felt I had that special talent required to do anything better than a lousy doodle… so after a few attempts at school I gave it up for good…

Years passed -quite a few- and I moved to one of the most wonderful cities around the globe: Barcelona (lucky me!). Living and working downtown is an amazing experience and gives the opportunity to see a large variety of people and different things happening all the time. Every now and then I met by chance individuals seating with sketchbooks on their laps, drawing and painting beautiful sketches of the city. Some sketches (specially at the beginning) looked rough but quickly manage to pull them together into great pieces of artwork. That fascinated me, it looked so easy and intuitive.

Time passed again and then I was introduced to Pinterest (Huh?! What?!) Well… once while pinteresting, I run into a bunch of beautiful urban sketches. Many of them created with hints of watercolors, giving them a great final look. I stayed for hours staring at them, bedazzled by the simplicity yet richness of each sketch. After probably had pinned every urban sketch available on pinterest I said to myself: I  would love to learn how to do that! But how…?

Well that’s how my journey started and, followed by it: this blog. My idea is simply to show the things that I learn along with the things I create since I began the whole process of learning from scratch. I started drawing classes in 2015 -without any experience whatsoever in the arts department- and here I am now, growing as an art student and constantly learning.

portrait of me

a portrait of me by a classmate: more than appropriate to upload a portrait instead of a picture considering that I like to think of this as an “art blog”. Quite presumptuous, I know but in my mind sounds great!

I’m so glad I connected with my artistic side because it has been there this whole time, it was eager to show itself and ready to shine and glow. I do this as a hobby and don’t stress myself out too much when the outcome is not what I expected: I always say to myself that I’m learning and I should enjoy the process… and I truly do!

Join me and let’s enjoy this journey together.



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