The Basic Skills

Before moving any forward, I would like to talk a bit about Betty Edwards’s work. This wonderful lady created a method where, step by step, you are prompt to learn each of the basic component skills to properly draw what you see. I want to talk about these basic components because these are the steps we used to develop every skill needed to succeed.


Drawing a perceived object (so-called “realistic” drawing), Edwards proposes, is a visual perceptual skill made up of five component skills. They are:

1)     Seeing and drawing edges (sometimes called “contour drawing”)

2)     Seeing and drawing spaces (called “negative spaces”)

3)     Seeing and drawing relationships (called “perspective and proportion”)

4)     Seeing and drawing lights and shadows (called “shading”)

5)     Seeing and drawing the whole (called the gestalt, the “thing itself,” the essential nature of the observed subject, which emerges spontaneously from the first four component skills).


You can notice that the former excercises that I’ve showed in the past entrance are all about contour drawing! I want to share a pic of this in case you haven’t seen any other post.


At your left you find the theme we were supposed to draw. At your right, our lovely teacher Carme Esmerats evaluating our drawings. Can you tell which one is mine? I dare you, hihihi.



Another contouring exercise. This is my easel, ready for some action!


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