The Art of Teaching Art



Did you know that in order to effectively draw, we need to use the right side of our brains? And you can actually learn how to detect when you are using your right side! Well, call me naïve but I didn’t know a thing… shocking!

We did a few exercises to understand this, which I would like to show and explain a bit. It won’t be soporific… I promise.

Soooo, apparently we’ve been doing it wrong all along. We’ve tried to draw what we think we see instead of what we actually percieve. Which means we don’t pay much attention to what we really see, trying to draw according to our mind’s ideas of how things are. (huh?)

Well a woman called Betty Edwards created a whole learning system around this premise, teaching you how to properly perceive things and how to transfer that into a paper: it’s wonderful! If you want to know more, get the book! It’s fun and easy to read and with great exercises to help you discover your inner artist. Here’s the author’s website if you are interested.

On this exercise we were supposed to copy a complex line drawing first anyway you wanted to (not tracing though) and then upside down.


The idea of placing it upside down while you are drawing is to stop thinking like “I’m drawing the hand… now the fingers… now I’ll draw the nails…” and change it to think more like “This line goes straight for a while then it curves a little to the left and then stops crossing this other vertical line…”

The difference between one way and the other is huge. I wish I had the first I did to show it to you but I don’t 😦 Anyways, this is the one I did upside down.


(guess which one is mine, hahaha)

By the way, in the top picture you can see my art teacher, Carme Esmerats. Great teacher and a wonderful woman.

Any thoughts you want to share? Yes! do it! Just leave your comments below.


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