My First Class

My first drawing class started quite intense… with an evaluation. A dreaded evaluation, if I might add!

We started with drawing our own hand for only 10 minutes, which of course felt like 10 seconds. This one was ok for me but I have to be honest: due to my previous excitement of starting drawing classes I tried to draw my hand before and I felt I had an advantage over the others… but this is between me and you 😉

Here it is!

hand drawing


Anyways… second assignment, a portrait of one of our classmates… also in 10 minutes! (jaw dropped). Let’s face it -pun intended, ha!- I’ve never drew before, little less a portrait. Moreover a portrait of a classmate, a person that literally you are seeing for the first time in your life… meaning: you have to stare at them and draw them and then I had to be stared at and be drawn by them. One word to describe the experience: awkward!

Here is the outcome (trust me, the poor guy doesn’t look anything like this).

portrait drawing


I’d love to have some feedback from you guys/gals! What do you think about my first drawings?


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