La Crème de la Crème

Our teacher decided that the theme we will draw today will be composed only by elements that we've been having trouble when drawing (at least that's what I figured out after looking at the theme). So today it's all about textiles and glass. woho! XD We are still exploring sanguine so the theme has the... Continue Reading →


A Dash of Color

Because this is a drawing class, we are not supposed to use any sort of color in our artwork, but apparently artists do use a basic palette of earthy looking colors for drawing. One of them and, I guess the most popular one, is called Sanguine and is a chalk of a reddish-brown color, so called... Continue Reading →

Contrasting Components

New day, new class... and new theme to draw. Today we had a very interesting class because we were faced to a complicated theme. We are still drawing with charcoal, which is good because I'm feeling comfortable now with it. At the beginning the mere touch of the charcoal gave me shivers and it was... Continue Reading →

When the Light Hits

I did this as homework and turned out to be quite fun. The idea was to pick any object (hopefully monochrome) and hit it with a direct light source. This way we can create dramatic changes between darks and brights so the exercise is more effective to do. Anyways, by squinting the eyes it is... Continue Reading →

From Darkness to Light

New day, new project. This one was quite different and fun. We were supposed to use a whole ingres paper (to those who don't know, an ingres paper is a type of drawing paper that has a ribbed texture, very good for dry mediums as charcoal. Named after his creator, Dominique Ingres) and stain it all... Continue Reading →

Artistic Eye

After practicing how to control a reasonable amount of tones with different materials, the time had come to put that into practice. So like always, our teacher placed a theme for us where we needed to use our new acquired tone skills (and use the other ones as well, obviously). Here is a pic of... Continue Reading →

Tones Skills

We started now to go thru the idea of adding dimension to our drawings by using different tones from a same pencil. So we did quite a few exercises using different drawing materials to get shades. I'll show you a general pic! btw, not all that mess at the left side of the table is... Continue Reading →

Round 2

I loved how the sneaker looked after I drew it from different angles so I decided to grab another pair of sneakers and place them "artistically" (basically one sneaker stepping over the other) and draw them. It took me 4 solid hours to finish this baby, but once I did I was very excited about... Continue Reading →

From Every Angle

Christmas Holidays arrived and we went home with a few ideas for homework. Well, challenge accepted! Ha! Motivation is definitely a key factor for success, so bring it on. Choose an interesting object and draw it from different angles; that was the task. While trying to pick an object I instantly learnt two things: First,... Continue Reading →

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